Information in English

The Society for Interlinguistics (GIL) was founded in Berlin in 1991. Today the society has about 65 members, who are mostly linguists. As German is the working language of the GIL, the content of our website is available in German only, except for the following general information.

The Society for Interlinguistics is a scholarly organization that deals with the various aspects of international communication. These include issues in the areas of

  • language policy
  • linguistics
  • economics
  • cultural studies
  • history
  • law
  • information technology.

GIL analyzes possibilities for optimizing international communication using planned languages, which form the focus of its research.

The activities of the Society for Interlinguistics include:

  • organizing annual scientific conferences and publishing proceedings,
  • informing about interlinguistic activities in its blog (until 2016 in the newsletter „Interlinguistische Informationen“ [Information on Interlinguistics], which was mainly centred on bibliographical work)
  • encouraging its members to give lectures and to publish inside and outside the Society and to work together with institutions and colleagues interested in interlinguistic topics.

Anyone interested in interlinguistic topics can apply to become a member of the Society for Interlinguistics, as long as they acknowledge the GIL by-lawsDE. The application form can be found hereDE. The Board, in accordance with the by-laws, will decide on the membership application.


Prof. Dr. Sabine Fiedler
Universität Leipzig
Institut für Anglistik
Beethovenstr. 15, 04107 Leipzig