Digitalisierung früher Esperanto-Wörterbücher

Das „Centre Marc Bloch“ hat ein Projekt gestartet, bei dem frühere Wörterbücher des Esperanto aus der Zeit 1887-1892 vollständig digitalisiert und so für die Forschung zugänglich gemacht werden sollen.

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During the first years of existence of the esperanto language (1887-1892) , many different texts have been published by its promoters. Among them, published separately or included in texbooks or presentation brochures of the lingvo internacia, , 37 documents in at least 16 different languages were prepared by Zamenhof himself or by early adopters of Esperanto, in order to present the new „international language“ to the broadest possible public. This unique multilingual corpus is scattered across many national libraries. We have systematically collected digital versions of this set of documents and begun to analyse them in parallel. Many of them (17) contain the same basic dictionary, elaborated by people who mostly had a limited, or absolutely no knowledge of philology. These 17 dictionaries encompass about 920 entries in Esperanto, each time translated in a given target language. We are progressively digitizing the whole corpus of these small dictionaries (so far, 12 versions have been digitized and encoded) and aim at making it accessible to scholars of various disciplines in an Open Access repository.

Nach einer Information von Bernhard Pabst (Berlin).

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